Uniform Requirements
All Mansfeld students are expected to wear the official Mansfeld uniform. The uniform was approved and adopted by the TUSD Governing Board in March of 1996. The Mansfeld Uniform is to be worn at all times when the student is at school. This includes field trips, sports events, and evening events. Parents and guardians are responsible for making sure their student arrives at school in the proper uniform. The school's uniform policy will be strictly enforced by all staff members.
· Shirts must have a round or pointed collar, short or long-sleeved, without lettering.

· Plain, white tee shirts without logos and lettering may be worn underneath.

· Shirts must be properly fitted or tucked into bottom garment.
· Pants/Capri’s: Must be appropriate length and fitted at waist

· No baggy legs or sagging pants are allowed. Pants must be fitted at waist.

· Navy blue or Khaki bottom garments that meet the school's requirements are available at a number of area stores, including Wal-Mart, Target, Penney’s, and Dillards. Suggested brands are Dickies and Dockers.

· Preferred material is cotton twill.

· All pants resembling jeans or denim material are not allowed.

· Undergarments may not show.

· Sweat pant and knit material is not allowed.

· Shorts: length longer than fingertips at side.

· Belts: solid blue, black, brown or white only, with permanently attached belt buckle to be worn.

· Skirts: length longer than fingertips at side.

· Leggings, Tights and Stockings: Solid navy blue, white or black colored leggings, tights, or stockings are allowed to be worn under appropriate length uniform shorts or skirt.
· Students may wear closed toed shoes of any color.

· Slippers, sandals, flip-flops, and knitted boots are not allowed.

· Students are not to wear “Heelies” (sneakers with built in skates) at school.
· Only plain white or plain navy blue sweatshirts, sweaters, or jackets may be worn in class.

· Students who wear outer garments with logos (except Bulldog logo) will be asked to remove them by the classroom teacher during class time.
· No Baseball caps or Sunglasses allowed on campus.

· Head coverings (Pull-Over Hoods or Beanies) may be worn OUTSIDE ONLY,

they are NOT to be worn in hallways, stairwells, or classrooms.

· No gang related, drug related or sexually explicit related accessories may be worn at any time.

· No locking choke chains/collars, wallet chains, or accessories with spikes may be worn.
· Step 1 – The student will be given a loaner shirt or pant to wear the rest of the day. Non-uniform clothes will be kept in the office to be picked up at the end of the day.

· Step 2 – If loaner items are not available, or if the student refuses to change into provided loaner clothing, the parent will be called to bring uniform clothes or pick up the student. The student will wait in the Responsibility Room until the parent arrives. If a parent is not available, the student will work in the Responsibility Room for the remainder of the day.

· Step 3 - Students who commit three or more dress code violations will be assigned to in-school suspension.

· Step 4 – Blatant and continued dress code violations will result in an out-of-school suspension.
All students, including students who have earned free dress, must also follow the TUSD Dress Code Guidelines as outlined in the TUSD Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (in PDF).

Random uniform checks will be done periodically by the administration. Repeated uniform violations may result in assignment of after-school detention.

The Mansfeld Administration reserves the right to require additional dress code restrictions for any student as needed to maintain a safe and orderly campus
When you are absent because of illness or an unavoidable circumstance, please have your parent call the school at 225-1802. A note from your parents on the day that you return stating the reason for your absence is a State requirement. Deliver this note to the office. Five unexcused absences are reported to the TUSD Truancy Dept.

If a student and his/her parents know that it will be necessary for the student to be absent from school for non-student activities, the school should be notified in advance of the planned absence. Students arriving late to school in the morning must report to the office before going to class.

Students are expected to be in their classrooms at the beginning of each period, ready to start class when the bell rings. Excessive tardiness will result in the following disciplinary action:

· Students with three or more unexcused tardies in a quarter will be assigned detention.

· This could the student ineligible for various grade level reward activities and honor roll designation.


· Parent conferences can be scheduled for students with 5 or more tardies in a quarter.

Mansfeld's Administrators, along with the office staff, are here to support the instructional process. Please seek their help when you have questions or need advice.

Hours: 7:30 – 4:00

Principal: 225-1804
Asst. Principal 225-1805
Asst. Principal 225-1806
Main Office 225-1800
Fax 225-1801
Attendance 225-1802
Students who stay after school to participate in sports, designated extra-curricular activities, or teacher assigned tutoring may ride the Eastside or Westside Activity bus. The activity bus leaves campus Mon., Tues., Thurs., and Fri. between 4:45-5:00.

Students who are not participating in a school sponsored activity will not be allowed to ride the Activity bus. Please ensure that your child rides the bus home immediately after school if they are not staying for a school sponsored activity.
Assemblies will be held on a regular basis in order to build school spirit and offer enriching or motivational activities. Our “Bulldog Belief Assemblies” will be held once a quarter to reinforce Mansfeld’s high expectations for student behavior and academic achievement.


1. Proceed to multipurpose building with teacher at designated time.

2. Enter multipurpose building quietly and sit with your class.

3. Audience will remain quiet while waiting for the program to begin.

4. A good audience is an attentive audience.

5. Show appreciation by applause only. Screaming, booing and whistling are not acceptable behaviors.

6. Assembly is not dismissed until the chairperson gives instruction. Leave the multipurpose room quietly and orderly.
Participation Fees are required for every student wishing to participate in Sports.
First Quarter-

Boys' Basketball, Girls' Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country

Second Quarter-

Girls' Basketball, Boys' Volleyball, Boys and Girls Cross Country Continued

Third Quarter-

Boys' Soccer, Girls' Soccer

Fourth Quarter-

Girls' Track, Boys' Track

Athletics is an important part of the school activity program. We encourage students to take part on our school teams. Interscholastic athletics include basketball, volleyball, soccer, and track. These activities will be conducted after school. Students must meet eligibility requirements in order to participate in the interscholastic program.

Eligibility Requirements:

If a participant earns a grade of “F” for two consecutive weeks, he/she shall not be eligible for participation in organized extracurricular activities for the next two week interval. Parents and students will be notified through a written notice of ineligibility by the administrator.

Any student trying out for a team must have a physical examination prior to tryouts. You may not try out until you have your physical registered at the nurse's office. Prior to the start of the season, you must also have a birth certificate and parent permission card.
Many of Mansfeld students ride school buses to and from school. This is a privilege that students can lose if their behavior on the bus does not meet the standards of the Transportation Department. If at any time the safety of any student is threatened by your behavior, you may lose the privilege of riding a school bus.

Students will be cited for the following misdemeanors:

Failure to remain seated
Refusing to obey driver
Lighting matches/Smoking on the bus
Throwing objects out or on bus
Hanging out of window / Spitting
Disobeying bus monitor / Bothering others
Dangerous or offensive conduct

If passenger rules are not followed, the bus driver has the authority to administer consequences, based on the severity of the disruption. Consequences include, but are not limited to, verbal warnings, administrator–parent conferences, assigned seating, or suspension of riding privileges.
The cafeteria and snack bar are for use by all students. Courtesy for others and appropriate behavior should be exhibited at all times. Clean up your eating area. Food, papers, or other items are to be thrown in the garbage cans provided. Students are to sit in the chairs and eat at the tables. Horseplay (pushing, running, etc.) is not acceptable in eating areas. All food is to be eaten inside the cafeteria. . Eating or taking food into classrooms is not permitted.
In order to maintain an appropriate learning atmosphere, Mansfeld students must abide by Governing Board Policy JICJ. It states that students are allowed to carry cell phones and/or other electronic signaling devices on school grounds and at school events or activities under the following conditions:

· Cell phones and/or electronic signaling devices are to be kept out of view in a pocket or a carrying bag.

· Any use of cell phones and/or electronic signaling devices during the school day (7:23-2:30) (7:23-1:30 Wed.) and/or during instruction time is considered a disruption of the educational environment and will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Students are permitted to use cell phones and personal electronic devices to listen to music before and after school. However, it is strongly suggested that students leave these devices at home as the School / School District will not be responsible for the loss, damage, or theft of any electronic device brought to school. Teachers and administrators will not search or conduct investigations for lost or stolen items that are not allowed on campus (IPODS, MP3 Player, Headphones, Video Gamers, Cell Phones, or other personal electronic devices).

Students who are caught using these items during the school day will have the items confiscated until a parent comes to claim them. Students who refuse to cooperate with school officials will be subject to disciplinary action.
All students are provided with a copy of the district's "Guidelines for Student Rights and Responsibilities" at the beginning of the school year. The guidelines are available in English and Spanish. This booklet outlines expectations of student conduct and specifies consequences when rules are violated.

Students are expected to show respect for themselves and others, to be courteous, considerate, and responsible persons. Appropriate behavior is expected at all times.
Counselors are available to advise students through their years at Mansfeld Middle School. Each student is assigned a counselor. Your counselor can help you with personal and academic problems, relationships with other students and teachers, and other general concerns you may have. Parents and students are urged to contact the counselor's office on any matter concerning your school life at Mansfeld.

The school records of individual students are available to either the student or his/her parents. Parents and students may receive an explanation of the material in a student's record by making an appointment with the counselor.
Quarterly progress reports and report cards are mailed to the students' homes.

Scholastic marks are: 

"A" – excellent 

"B" – good 

"C" – average 


"D" - below average 

"F" - failing


Citizenship marks are:


"O" - Outstanding


"S" - Satisfactory


"N" - Needs Improvement

Chewing gum is not allowed on campus at any time.
Communication between the home and school is essential for individual student success. Mansfeld Middle School provides a variety of ways of communicating with your home. Some of the examples of our effort to communicate include the school newsletter; (The Bulldog Bulletin), progress reports, report cards, teacher e-mail addresses (found on school web page), parent/teacher conferences, open house, school-sponsored events, phone calls, Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSO), Site Council, and team meetings/conferences, and Parental Access on ParentVue.
Mansfeld Middle School's chapter of the National Junior Honor Society is a program to honor students for their citizenship, service, leadership and character. Requirements for participation are as follows:

· Candidates must be in the second semester of sixth grade or in seventh grade at Mansfeld Middle School. Candidates must have been in attendance at the school the equivalent of one semester. Candidates who are selected during their eighth grade year will not be inducted until the end of the eighth grade year. Those students will remain candidates until induction and will not have official voting rights.

· Candidates must have a cumulative grade point average of at least a 3.50 and have not have more than one official office referral recorded for the year that they are being considered as a candidate. For current seventh grade students, a cumulative grade point average from sixth grade and the first semester of seventh grade is required. For eighth grade students, it shall be based upon the cumulative grade point average from sixth grade the cumulative grade point average from seventh grade, and the first semester of eighth grade. Students having two or more T’s or U’s will not be eligible for membership. Candidates shall then be evaluated on the basis of service, leadership, character, and citizenship. Candidates will fill out a Student Activity Form and Service Information Form in order to be considered for membership.
Student insurance is provided by an independent insurance carrier. Forms for enrollment are available in the school office.
Mansfeld Middle School is a closed campus. Students are not allowed to leave campus at any time of the day without permission. If a student needs to leave the school grounds at any time during the day, the student must report to the main office.

Parents must sign their students out in the Attendance Office before the child leaves the school and may need to provide a form of identification to the office. Student may only be picked up from school by their parents/guardian/designee and may not be dismissed to leave campus without a parent, guardian, or designee. In order to minimize the amount of lost instructional time, please do not call ahead to have your student removed from class before you arrive. We will send for your student when you arrive on campus. Only an administrator can give approval to remove a student from class prior to the parent or guardian arriving on campus for the student. Upon returning to school, the student must check back in with an office clerk in the main office.

Students may not leave campus after school and return to Mansfeld to be picked up. Student supervision ends at 4:15. All students must be picked up by 4:15.
The Mansfeld library provides materials to encourage independent reading, to support the curriculum, for browsing in current magazines, and for recreational reading. The library is open to students daily. Magazines and newspapers are to be used in the library and may not be checked out. Students are responsible for the care and return of books.
The State Department of Education guidelines make it clear that school districts must provide supplies used in regular school curriculum. The student must pay for loss or abuse of materials.

PE locker locks are provided by the district for the purpose of safekeeping P.E. clothes, regular clothes, and materials during P.E. class. These locks are loaned to the student and are to be returned at the end of the school year. A charge of $5.00 is assessed for lost or stolen locks. Be sure that you use the assigned locker only and be sure that your lock is properly locked. The school does not carry insurance for lost or damaged items and will not be responsible for any personal items left at school or stolen.

Mansfeld’s campus monitors whose primary function is to ensure the safety of our students. All reasonable requests made by the campus monitors must be promptly and courteously followed to avoid disciplinary action.
There is a school nurse or Health clerk at Mansfeld Middle School every day. Any student going to the nurse must get a pass from his/her classroom teacher. It is not acceptable to remain in a restroom or other area while ill.

Nurse's Office
Bulldogger Awards:

Reward coupons for good behavior and participation in class. These may be exchanged for many items, prizes, and/or lunch with the Principal or Assistant Principal.

Attendance Awards:

Students are recognized each quarter throughout the school year in special award assemblies.

Honor Roll Awards:

Honor Roll recognition is given quarterly at the Honors Ceremony held in honor of students who have achieved Honor Roll status. The criteria are as follows:

Honor Roll Criteria
3.0 GPA

Principal’s Honor Roll Criteria
4.0 GPA (Straight A’s)
Students are assigned to Mansfeld's ISS/Responsibility Room for many different reasons. The school administration determines if a student should be placed in the ISS/Responsibility Room. If students are assigned to this room, they are expected to complete all work sent by their teachers as well as any work assigned by the Responsibility Room coordinator.
1. Students are to work quietly; no visiting with others.
2. Treat everyone with respect.
3. No candy, gum soda, or snacks will be allowed.
4. Follow all school rules, including the dress code.
5. Complete all work assigned by the classroom teacher.

Students may be assigned an additional day for continued behavior infractions and/or lack of work completion.
Student pictures are taken both during the fall and the spring semesters. Your fall pictures will be on your ID card. Color prints may be purchased both times. It is important that once students receive their school ID, they keep it for the reminder of the school year to use in the cafeteria, library, field trips, and other school functions. School ID can be replaced for $5.00.
Students should have the following supplies with them at all times. Some classes may require additions to this list.


School Issued iPad

Notebook paper (3 hole)
Pencils #2
Parents are selected to the school Site Council, comprised of the school principal, support staff, community members, teachers, and students. Monthly meeting dates will be posted in the main office, and agendas are posted around campus at least 24 hours before the monthly meeting. The public is always welcome at Mansfeld's site council meetings.
Extracurricular activities are held after school for Mansfeld students only. No outside visitors are permitted to attend. Students have fifteen minutes from the time school is dismissed to gain admission to an event. Students must attend school the day of the event. Students should arrange transportation home from an event in advance and must be picked up no later than fifteen minutes after the conclusion of the event.

Attendance at school events is a privilege. Any student who is given either an in-school suspension or out of school suspension any time during the nine weeks preceding the event will not be able to purchase a ticket or attend the extracurricular event.
Students should be dropped off and picked up in designated areas only. Vehicles are not permitted to be parked in the fire lane unattended.

Because no supervision is provided, students are not allowed on the Mansfeld campus before 8:00 a.m or after 4:15 p.m. Students may not leave campus and return to Mansfeld to be picked up. Students must be picked up by 4:15.


School supervision begins at 8:00 and ends at 4:15. Students may only stay after school for a school sponsored activity. Students must be supervised by the activity sponsor from 4:15-5:00. For students participating in school-sponsored afternoon activities, supervision ends at 5:00 p.m. On Wednesday, early out day, supervision ends at 3:00.


Students are to stay outside the school building prior to 8:43 and during lunch time. Students are to remain in the Mansfeld courtyard during these times.

Parents are not permitted to be parked on Highland or Mountain. Traffic must be allowed to flow freely on these streets. Cars that are parked on these streets can be ticketed by the City of Tucson.
Students riding bicycles to school should park them in the bicycle rack. Please properly park and LOCK your bike. Do not ride your bike on campus. The faculty parking lot is off limits to students. Skateboards may be used for coming and going from school. The skateboard is not to be used on school grounds. This may be cause for your skateboard being confiscated and returned to a parent. Skateboards are to be stored in the student’s 1st period class during school hours.
Any students using Social Media (Facebook, MySpace, Texting or any other Social Media) to disrespect, threaten, or bully fellow students can be held accountable to the Guidelines of Student Rights and Responsibilities.
All school telephones are to be used for school business only. Students are not to use them without approval of the office. In case of emergencies, school personnel will contact parents.

Students may use personal cell phones before and after school. At any other times, including lunch, cell phones will be confiscated and held in the office for parent pick-up.
Tucson Unified School District furnishes free textbooks for students in the middle school. Most books are furnished to teachers as class sets. Some books may be issued to individual students depending on the subject. In all cases, students are expected to use care in the treatment of books. Students will be charged for lost or damaged textbooks. The student’s yearbook may be held until all textbooks/library books are returned and/or paid for.
Parents/Guardians are always welcome in our classrooms. There is no need to call ahead. Simply stop by the front office, sign in and get a guest pass, and we'll be happy to provide you with a copy of your student's schedule and escort you to his or her classroom.

Because of possible disturbances to the educational environment and liability to the school district, guests of students to classes, other than parents or guardians, are not permitted on campus during the school day.
Mansfeld Middle School offers a wide variety of educational programs and activities, and we strive to make equal opportunities a reality for all who attend this school. It is our intent to comply with the requirements of Title IX, the portion of the Federal Educational Amendments of 1972 which prohibit sex discrimination and segregation in education.

We also want to guarantee student rights in every situation. If you have a complaint about possible violation of sex discrimination and/or segregation in your education at Mansfeld or unjust discipline in the classroom, procedures for filing your complaint are set forth below:

1) State your grievance in writing and present it to your counselor.

2) If you feel that your counselor's recommendations or suggestions are not satisfactory to you, then you can appeal to the Assistant Principal.

3) A further appeal may be made to the Principal.

4) After the Principal, you may appeal to the Assistant Superintendant for Middle Schools. Under these procedures, your complaint will receive prompt and fair consideration.
Tucson Unified School District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, or disability in admission or access to, or treatment or employment, in its educational programs or activities.
Tucson Unified School District is in no way responsible for any property belonging to a student or any other person when such property is brought onto or left on Tucson Unified School premises.
El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Tucson no discrimina a base de raza, color, origen nacional, sexo, edad, religion, o inhabilidad en admision o acceso a, o tratamiento de personas o empleo en sus programas educacionales o actividades.