Library Information
Welcome to the Mansfeld Middle School Library

The Library is open from 8:30 – 3:30 Monday through Friday

Library Assistant is Mrs. Anderson

Two ways to access the library catalog

1. If you are at home, use this link: (this won’t work at school)

2. Log onto the library catalog while you are at school:

  1. Log on to any computer (ask permission)
  2. Pull up Internet Explorer
  3. In the address bar type:  destinyweb
  4. Click on "Mansfeld Middle School"
  5. Click on "catalog" and start your search!

Check out these great Library Resources!

Library Fines During School Closures Due to COVID19

We hope you are doing well and we want you know that if you have any library material or textbooks checked out during the school closures, they may start showing as lost fines in your InTouch account.  The library/textbook catalog system has no way to globally extend the checkout period beyond the school closures.  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IT.  Fines will disappear off your accounts once school resumes and the books are checked in.